Our Products

Fine Blanking Products

Fine blanking is a triple action process for manufacturing of precision sheet metal parts. When the need is to manufacture high quality components with better flatness, surface finish, better dimensional tolerances the solution is fine blanking.

Unlike conventional methods of stamping there is generally no need for secondary operations like milling, grinding, drilling. The part processed is generally ready for assembly immediately.

We are doing different types of parts in our fine blanking machines.

Stamping Products

In Stamping, we are processing 0.5mm to 6mm thickness materials. Our parts are supplied to OEM’s.

We have power presses of 10 tons  to 300 tons capacity.

Machining & Fabrication Products

For machining we have VMC, Milling, Lathe, Centre less Grinding and Facing machines.

We are handling various type of Fabricated parts which include welding, machining, painting process. We have all process facilities in-house.



Engine Cup Plugs

We are manufacturing variety of engine cup plugs starting from 8mm to 60mm having very close tolerances used in engine cylinder blocks.



Engine Front Plates

We are manufacturing various types of engine front plates suitable for engines like Cummins, Ashok Leyland, VST.

Some Of our Products